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wedding photography

Wedding Photography

Capture the big and small moments of your wedding day with the help of a professional photographer. Save money on your wedding pictures by turning to Garden Of Roses Wedding Photography. As a budget wedding photographer, our mission is to offer you spectacular photos from engagement to reception that don't force you to spend a fortune. Each package includes fantastic services and quality pictures that are guaranteed to fill you with warm memories!

We are recognized as top Southern California Wedding Photographers, included on many vendor lists all over Southern, CA. We serve all of Southern California and Destination Events, though we are based in Moreno Valley,  we regularly photograph: Inland Empire Weddings, Orange County Weddings, San Diego Weddings and Los Angeles Weddings, which require no travel fees.

Pick the Package best fit in your budget. We will take care of the rest. We will make sure you have an unforgettable memories!

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