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Summer flowers

Summer Flowers for Weddings, Arrangements, & More

Get your summer flowers from Garden of roses, Fresh summer bouquets available now, Same Day Fresh Cut Flowers and Arrangements for All Summer Long . 

Summer flowers for weddings

Many wedding planners say that the best time to get wed is during summer. This is usually the period when most flowers are in bloom, which essentially gives you a lot of choices to choose from. Flowers that are in season also cost far less than when they would otherwise cost at other times of the year.

Indeed, if you are looking to save on costs, then choosing summer flowers for weddings is your best bet. As mentioned earlier, flowers that are in season are more affordable. This is because there is an abundant supply of them that can be had easily and at a faster rate.

Compare this to flowers that are not in season. Usually, to get these you have to shell out more money to defray the costs of procuring them. Most of these flowers need to be shipped from somewhere, sometimes even from abroad, which not only makes the entire process expensive, but also potentially harmful to the environment because of all the carbon emissions made during the entire process.

If there's anything that characterizes summer flowers for weddings, it is the fact that these are colorful, vibrant-looking flowers that exude freshness, positivity, and fun -- perfect for summer weddings. Some of the beautiful summer flowers include carnations, lisianthus, star gazer lilies, lilacs, kangaroo paws, genistas, gardenias, amaranthus, calla lilies, cocksombs, and dahlias. There are a lot more other choices that you can choose from, so make sure to ask your florist for other available options.

But just the same, there are a couple of things that you should consider before deciding which summer flowers for weddings are you going to use. Among these things include the theme or color motif of your wedding, the venue to be used both for the exchange of vows and the reception, your own artistic inclinations, as well as your budget limits.

Most weddings, for example, come with a motif or a unifying theme. This makes the occasion sport a unifying look where all the elements complement each other. Make sure that the flowers you are going to use fit into the agreed scheme. If you do, you and your guests will definitely have a great time in celebrating this special moment in your life.

At the same time, consider the venue. There are flowers that are perfect for use in a garden wedding. There are others that make for gorgeous elements in a beach wedding. There are also flowers that heighten the look and feel of weddings in churches or hotels. Ensure that the flower arrangements you choose to have will make your venue much nicer and more elegant.

Garden of Roses in Moreno Valley in California specializes in floral arrangements for any occasion, most notably weddings. The highly trained florists in thus shop can help you turn your wedding into an event worth remembering through their selection of pre-existing designs. You can also choose to have custom designs made for you to make your summer wedding truly unique and one that is tailored to your individual preferences. Check out our online gallary.