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Contemporary Design

Modern and Contemporary Flower Arrangements

Elegant Contemporary Flower arrangement for your loved one. Send Flowers today ! Buy the Unique  Design and Freshest flowers from Garden of Roses ! Order online, safely and securely.

Think of weddings and you immediately conjure up images of flowers. Indeed, no wedding would be complete without the requisite floral arrangements. From the bride's bouquet, wedding car, corsages among guests, the design of the actual venue where the couple are going to exchange vows in, all the way to the reception hall, flowers play a key role in enhancing the mood and ambience of the special day itself.

Flower arrangements can be classified into either traditional or modern flower arrangements. Traditional floral arrangements usually result in a more classic, if a bit predictable, look. White flowers, for instance, project an immaculate feel, while custom arrangements that follow a certain theme ensure that the event itself projects a unified look.

Traditional flower arrangements do not deviate from what we have grown accustomed to, so the end result neither shock us nor cause us to take a second look. This is good in the sense that the flowers do not take the attention away from the couple or the ceremonies. They also make it so much easier to set up the overall design of the event.

These days, however, a lot of couples choose to forego traditional and classic floral designs for more modern flower arrangements. The bold and striking designs, unconventional flower combinations, and the generally edgy look result in a wedding that is stylish, fun, and certainly worth remembering.

Thinking of going modern in your wedding? In choosing which floral design or arrangement you should go for, there are a couple of things that you should be mindful of. These things include your own artistic sensibilities or taste, the agreed theme or look of your wedding, the venues themselves, and of course your budgetary constraints.

Even though modern flower arrangements are a radical departure from traditional designs, you should still keep in mind that whatever look you decide to use should be representative of who you are and what you believe in. It would be weird to choose a flower arrangement based solely on what you think will please others. You have to make sure that the floral arrangements characterize you and your style.

At the same time, consider the kind of look you are going for on your wedding. The flowers should complement and enhance the event itself, not clash with it. If you have wild and crazy ideas in your head, try to list them down and see how these ideas fit into the overall landscape. You don't want your wedding to turn into a wild, wild west kind of occasion with no sort of cohesion holding all the elements together.

The other factors you should consider when identifying which flower arrangements to have are the size and look of the venues both for the exchange of vows and the reception, as well as your budget.

Garden of Roses in Moreno Valley in California features a vast selection of designs that you can choose from. Whether you go for traditional, modern, or even custom flower arrangements, its specially trained florists will help you turn your wedding into a gloriously wonderful event that you'll remember forever. Check out our design gallery.